Experience highest quality super Negin and sargol saffron with competetive price in bulk or retail.Amitis saffron is organic and first grade with international and lab certifications.It is delivered directly from farm with free express delivery to all over the World. Secure online payment with 100% money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction.
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Experience highest quality and rarest Beluga, Almas (Diamond) and … caviar. Stunning and beautiful eggs, Large in size (Larger than 3 mm), wonderful flavor and taste. Collected directly from Caspian Sea. All products have a UNIQUE code and CITES license, Fish ID, Lead seal which is available for retail (only in Europe union) or wholesale (All over the world).
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Amitis specializes in organic and first class (grade 1) food products such as saffaron and caviar. It delivers its products to all parts of the world in the shortest time and at the best price. All our products have international and laboratory certifications to ensure quality which will be packed with the product if needed. Iran is one of the biggest producers of saffron and organic caviar with premium quality due to its special climate. 

our products are directly delivered from Iran to customers around the world with competitive prices.

We are both cavior wholesaler,saffaron wholesaler  and retailer  both of theme.Buy best Persian Saffron and best caviar from amitis company.

Our competitive prices for these high quality, nutritious and luxurious foods have always been special and your orders will be delivered to you in the shortest time with free basic packaging and air freight. The purchase process is completely secure and your user account and bank account details remains confidential.

why buy from us?


Delivery in the shortest time

Organic and with no preservatives

100% money back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction

Economical and lower price than colleagues

Air freight with guaranteed quality goods

Free shipping across all countries

Holding international certificates and well known laboratories certification

Premium and superior quality


greenhouse saffron

Greenhouse saffron

  The most valuable and expensive seasoning of all times comes from the Saffron flower and greenhouse saffron. To see the history of saffron click

saffron and health

Saffron and Health

The effect of saffron on health or the benefits of saffron on the body or the properties of saffron Saffron, this amazing spice has many


Caviar pie

  Ingredients: Boiled eggs:6 mayonnaise: 3 tbsp Red onion: 2 medium sized Cream cheese: 250 grams Sour cream: 2/3 cup Persian Beluga caviar: as needed


The Sound of Taste

Saffron food

Amitis saffron & caviar

caviar food


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