Amitis specializes in organic and first class (grade 1) food products.

It delivers its products to all parts of the world in the shortest time and at the best price.

All our products have international and laboratory certifications to ensure quality which will be packed with the product if needed.

Iran is one of the biggest producers of saffron and organic caviar with premium quality due to its special climate, geographical environment and people’s taste.

The quality and quantity of its products are unique.

As both the head office and the farms are located in Iran, our products are directly delivered from Iran to customers around the world with competitive prices.

We are both wholesaler and retailer.

In the wholesale division, the product is delivered to the customs of the destination country with unbeatable quality and price.

All legal documents will be prepared and offered upon the customers’ requests.

You can place your orders and ask for or quotes in the “Contact Us” section and your orders/queries will be processed as soon as possible.

Our competitive prices for these high quality, nutritious and luxurious foods have always been special and your orders will be delivered to you in the shortest time with free basic packaging and air freight.

The purchase process is completely secure and your user account and bank account details remains confidential, and you can track the status of your purchase and shipment by using your username and password after the purchase and receive a discount for your subsequent purchases.

If you are not happy with Amitis products, all money will be refunded.

We will help you from the first step to the last purchasing process I order to give you a pleasant shopping experience.

Amitis specializes in preparing first-class (grade 1) and organic Iranian products including saffron and caviar.

We deliver our products directly from the farm to all parts of the world.

The cost of initial packaging is free and professional shipping of goods is done by international mail [express] in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

The highest quality and quantity saffron and caviar are produced in Iran which have many fans around the world.

Both companies and farms are located in Iran, we can export wholesale and retail goods directly to the whole world at an exceptional and competitive price.

We guarantee 100% quality, taste and aroma of our products. Our products hold International and laboratory certificates to ensure quality.

If you are not happy with the product or do not receive it, all money will be refunded in full.

After the purchase, you can check your purchase [track your purchase] with the given username and password and also benefit from our support by email Whats App, etc.

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