Complications of saffron overuse or saffron poisoning

Undoubtedly, the continuous consumption of saffron has benefits for the body; saffron can eliminate iron deficiency and boost memory.

It also has many anti-depressant benefits and is a key and major enemy of cancer.

But consuming too much saffron (more than 1 gram) per day and continuing this diet can gradually cause us to suffer from saffron poisoning.

One of the Complications of saffron overuse or saffron poisoning is that it causes heart damage, bleeding and miscarriage.

  • A pregnant mother should not include saffron in her diet because it can damage her uterus during certain months of pregnancy and causes miscarriage.
  • Doctors recommend using only about 10 mg of saffron every day, but for stabilizing the positive effects of saffron on the body, this should be continued.
  • Daily consumption of 10 mg of saffron is very useful in increasing the body immunity and health and consumption of 40 mg of saffron is useful in treating depression and it is also a sexual enhancer but

consumption more than one gram of saffron a day causes poisoning and bleeding.


  • Complications of severĀ  poisoning:

Decreasing heart rate, vomiting, dizziness, lethargy, paleness, headache, diarrhea, miscarriage, yellowing of the skin and the body mucous.



  • Treatment of saffron poisoning:

It begins with emptying the stomach and intestines, and in some cases requires gastric lavage and administration of sodium sulfate. Consumption of activated charcoal is also beneficial.

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