Differences between Iranian Saffron and other countries

Iranian saffron:

Differences between Iranian Saffron and other countries is that Iran produces about 300 tons of saffron a year and ranks first in the world in terms of trade and production of saffron.

its added value goes to countries that import saffron, including Spain, which is the largest importer of saffron in the world while Iranian farmers try their best to extract saffron (red gold).

Farmers have to separate 170,000 flower seeds [bulbs] from the stigma for one kilogram of saffron.

The logic of other countries is that saffron in Iran is bought from a farmer in bulk and at a low price, and it is packaged and named in his country and then sold at a higher price; which is the same quality as Iranian saffron.

With a much higher price than saffron received from Iran.

Differences between saffron grown in Iran and other countries:

The price of Iranian saffron is much lower than similar in the world because it is planted in the farm and delivered directly from the farm and there is no dealers or intermediaries.

the price is the saffron competitive price.

The quality of Iranian saffron is higher than the quality of saffron in other countries; because Iranian saffron is organic, scientific and based on experience of farmers who have several years of experience in planting and cultivating saffron.

The aroma, taste and color of Iranian saffron is significantly higher than other types of saffron, including Kashmiri, Afghan, Italian and Spanish.

The cost of packing, branding and sending saffron from Iran to the destination will be lower than in other countries due to cheap labor in Iran.

Many countries increase their profits by buying Iranian saffron wholesale and retailing the same saffron and only as a dealers, while this is the same saffron purchased from Iran.

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Differences between Iranian Saffron and other countries


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