Everything about caviar

Caviar is a luxury and precious food and is known as black pearl, which has its fans in the world.

Over 90% of the world’s caviar is caught in the Caspian Sea, and of the 27 species, six important and expensive species of sturgeon live in the Caspian Sea.

Caviar is the sturgeon fish spawn.

These fishes are heavy and weigh more than 100 kg and mostly live in the Caspian Sea.

It takes 6 to 14 years have a mature fish to get caviar from.

sturgeon fish is a several million-year old animal species and date back to the Jurassic Age, which is called the living fossil because of its cartilaginous skeleton.

Caviar fishes are members of the sturgeon family, which is one of the rare fish species that live in the Caspian Sea.

The top 5 types of these are mentioned below:

Beluga fish, Persian caviar fish, Acipencer Gueldenstaedtii, Bastard fish, starry fish.

The value of sturgeon is both for the use of meat and for the use of its unfertilized spawns(caviar).

Golden, black and red are different types of caviar.

However, caviar nutritional value is more or less the same, black caviar is more valuable than others.

Eighty-five percent of caviar consumption is in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Beluga fish (Huso Huso), that lives in   Iran inland waters, has the best caviar

Types of caviar:

Depend on the size and the shape of the spawns, the origin country and the type of the fish, Caviar has different types.

Beluga caviar:

is one of the best types of caviar which comes from sturgeon, it is large and its color is between brown and black and due to being luxurious and rare-being, it is more expensive than other types of caviar.


Almas caviar is a special and rare type of Beluga caviar that is available in yellow and gold colors.

This type of caviar is so rare and luxurious that only a limited amount of it is obtained per year and usually has regular and special customers.

For more information about the different types, click the link below.

How to get caviar?

In the past, fishes were anesthetized with a plastic hammer to protect themselves from their tail fin hits; Then they proceeded to evacuate the eggs.

But today, by cesarean section, some spawns are removed from the fish’s uterus and some of them are left in it.

This can be done about 6 times on each fish

How to serve:

this food is one of the world’s most luxurious breakfasts.

To know more about caviar and breakfast click on link

Many serve it raw, with egg yolks and grated onions.

You can use Caviar as a side dish or appetizer.

Some enthusiasts eat caviar cold and with or without bread.

Be careful that spices should not be added while serving.

It should be noted that the daily consumption of it is 15 to 30 grams (2 tablespoons) per person.

The nutritional value of caviar:

Caviar has 35% protein, 63% fat and 1% carbohydrate, and each tablespoon has 4 grams of protein and 3 grams of fat and totally 40 kcal energy.

The fat in caviar is unsaturated, which has many benefits for the body and is a good source of omega-3s.

Due to the high content of protein and amino acids, caviar has almost all the amino acids needed by the body.

Caviar and food:

You can use caviar to make food with or as a side dish, Its very delicious and its give you a sense of health and classy.

You can learn many different recipes of caviar at https://caviarsaffronshop.com/caviar-recipes/

Benefits of caviar:

caviar strengthens the nervous system and treats depression, This work is for the presence of a combination called “Citacuzand”.


By having omega-3s and unsaturated fats, caviar can help preventing cardiovascular disease.

Important points before buying:

Make sure the product is genuine.

Because of the high price of this product, there are many similar counterfeit products on the market.

High-quality caviar must have an expiration date, lead seal, a fish ID Code unique and health certificates.

AMITIS invite you to buy Persian caviar online, we offer you highest quality saffron and caviar.

We offer rarest Beluga and Almas(diamond) caviar.

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Important points of buying caviar

Important points of buying caviar

These are some tips of buying original caviar: One of the Important points of buying caviar is that Caviar packaging must have a seal, mentioned

The nutritional value of caviar

The nutritional value of caviar

Nutritional value per 100 grams of caviar:   Compounds   Per 100 grams   Compounds   Per 100 grams Calories 264 kcal carbohydrate 4 g

Caviar and cooking

Caviar and cooking

Caviar has always been considered as a luxurious and nutritious food. Apart from the numerous benefits of caviar on physical health and its effect on