History of Saffron

At first of saffron history, the Iranian were able to introduce this amazing product (saffron) by sending it to different parts of the world, including Greece, Rome, China, and the Arabs.

The method of cultivating saffron in the first to fourth centuries AH was taught to the Islamic Ummah [nations], and after that, saffron cultivation became popular in North Africa, Spain and Italy.

According to historical documents, Iranians were very interested in gold and saffron from the beginning.

They that in celebrations, ceremonies and welcoming the elders, they presented them to the elders and to decorate as well as commemorate special weddings and ceremonies they used saffron, gold, musk, amber and rose water.

In the Achaemenid period, saffron is used to decorate bread crumbs and flavor foods.

During the Parthian period, Iranian saffron was sent to Greece and Rome, and later China became a customer of Iranian saffron.

In later periods, saffron was used in the production of exquisite paper and was used to prepare ink for writing letters to kings and emperors.

They also used it to write special books and important letters and poetry.

the following times, the value of saffron was gradually realized and it is stated in the translations that it was used as a fragrance and dyeing of fabrics and was used for decoration and cooking.

In Arabic and Iranian sources, the name of saffron and its synonyms have been mentioned many times in writings and poems, which indicates its special importance.

In ancient times, in the palaces of kings, incense was used to flavor the air with saffron.

The knowledge of saffron cultivation first went from Iran to Arab countries and then to North Africa.

then it was taken to Sicily and Andalusia by the Europeans.

Using the knowledge of using saffron, saffron has been used since ancient times to make cosmetics, oils and masks.

From ancient times, saffron was known for its medicinal properties and its name has been mentioned many times in medical books.

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History of Saffron


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