How to make saffron syrup


To make saffron drink or syrup:

Saffron syrup compensates for the dehydration of the body in the hot season and is one of the aristocratic and popular drinks at parties, which has wonderful properties for the body.


Powdered Saffron: 1/2 tbsp

Rosewater: 3 tbsp

Water: 1/2 lit

Sugar: as needed

Recipe of saffron drink:

To make saffron syrup, Pour the water into the pot and put it on the flame until it reaches boiling temperature.

reduce the flame and add sugar to it and stir well until it is completely dissolved.

After it is completely dissolved in water, add the soaked saffron to the mixture of water and sugar, then add the rosewater and put it on the heat for 10 minutes to become thickened.

After the saffron syrup or drink has cooled, put it in the refrigerator and whenever you want.

you can mix 1/4 cup of the syrup with cold water and drink it.

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