Serving Caviar for breakfast

Serve Caviar with mashed potatoes for serving.

mashed potatoes with caviar

Fresh Caviar with smoke-cooked salmon.

Salmon and caviar

Pure Caviar with cooked eggs.

caviar and egg

Caviar with toast

bread with caviar

  • To serve caviar, it is better to decorate the caviar plate with onions, parsley and other vegetables to make the food more attractive.
  • The important thing about serving caviar is that to keep the appearance of the caviar spawns the same, it

should be better to use ceramic or plastic spoons instead of iron or silver spoons.

  • Many people eat caviar raw, or with egg yolk or chopped onion that It can be used as a condiment or as an appetizer or as a mixture with other foods.
  • Caviar has a cold temperament.
  • It is better to squeeze the seeds with a toothpick while eating caviar to spread the taste in the mouth.
  • eat as much as a tablespoon tip of caviar with fragrant vegetables, bread and butter.
  • You can roast 1.5 cups of chopped onion and mix a hard-boiled egg with some mayonnaise and cream cheese and a small cup of sour cream and use it with caviar.

The best way to use and buy fresh Persian caviar is to buy it on an reliable site. Amitis collected the best collection of Beluga caviar.


serve caviar

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Important points of buying caviar

Important points of buying caviar

These are some tips of buying original caviar: One of the Important points of buying caviar is that Caviar packaging must have a seal, mentioned

The nutritional value of caviar

The nutritional value of caviar

Nutritional value per 100 grams of caviar:   Compounds   Per 100 grams   Compounds   Per 100 grams Calories 264 kcal carbohydrate 4 g

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Caviar and cooking

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