How to store and consume caviar


One of the important points to store and consume caviar is to put the caviar in a cool environment.

Caviar should also be eaten cold so that the caviar can be placed in a dish containing ice, but it should be prevented from freezing.

  • Caviar comes in small packages, which means it has to be eaten in one meal and if we do not consume the opened package of caviar in one meal, the taste of caviar will change in a short time.

The best time to consume caviar is 3 to 5 hours after opening the caviar package.

  • Store the caviar at 0 to 4 degrees Celsius.
  • In transporting caviar, keep in mind that you should carry the caviar in insulating containers and cover it with ice.
  • A high-quality caviar has a package with a specific weight, lead seal, production and expiration date and the name of the manufacturing country.
  • Another important point is that it should not be exposed to the open air and the lid of the package should always be closed.
  • The unsealed caviar can be stored for several months (about 2 or 3 months).
  • Iron or silver spoons should not be used to serve caviar because it destroys caviar spawns.

Other materials such as shell spoons can be used.

  • When buying and transporting caviar, the product is carefully placed in the insulation package with the ice packs in the refrigerator compartment of the air plane and it can be stored for about 12 to 17 hours in the plane.

How to eat Caviar?

Many people are wondering if to serve caviar, the pure taste of caviar must be preserved or it should be seasoned.

This answer highly depends on people’s tastes.

Many people want the taste of caviar not to change and it is much more pleasant for them to consume it with seasoning.

The seasonings used for caviar are onions, shallots, parsley, dill, spinach and lemon.

In some case where the taste of caviar is not pleasant for some people (such as people undergoing chemotherapy), it is better to eat with these spices.

 It is usually recommended to serve first-class caviar without seasoning.

Caviar can be served in different ways such as: with white bread, caviar pancakes, mashed potatoes, boiled eggs and quail eggs, toast, avocado, sour cream, butter and a variety of sweet biscuits.


consume caviar
consume caviar

Utensils used to serve caviar

Caviar consumers usually put caviar containers in ice and then serve it.

The material of some dishes, such as steel, has an adverse effect on the taste of caviar.

Therefore, porcelain or glassware, or the caviar packaging itself, is recommended for serving caviar at parties.

The spoons and forks used to serve the caviar must be special so as not to damage the spawn shell.

The temperature that is better to be considered in all of the methods of caviar consumption

Some experts recommend the direct consumption of caviar stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 4-6 degrees Celsius.

But according to most experts, the best temperature for caviar consumption is between 10 and 12 degrees Celsius.

At this temperature, the real taste of caviar and viscosity of caviar is felt by the consumer.

At lower temperatures, the internal viscosity of the spawn increases and the taste and smell of the caviar may completely change.

store caviar
store caviar


Foods containing caviar

Most of the caviar recipes in which caviar is used are related to appetizers.

One of the types of caviar consumption method is its use in various types of sandwiches, mainly as a decoration and seasoning.

Consumption of caviar with Bellini is very popular and traditional.

You can also eat caviar on grilled potatoes with chopped greens or eggs or with tartlets in a suitable dish.

You can pure the dish with the mentioned ingredients and then designate it with caviar.

To pure a big dish, you can make a salad with meat and fish and fried vegetables and boiled eggs then add caviar and sour cream on it.

Cold and hot soups or some other foods can be decorated by adding a tablespoon of sour cream and placing caviar spawns on it. Be careful not to damage the caviar spawns during the food preparation process.

Caviar is used to decorate all seafood.

The taste of foods made with shrimp, crab and lobster could be better with caviar.

You can even taste caviar spaghetti and other similar foods with a sauce containing caviar.


serve caviar
serve caviar

Decorating the dishes with caviar

Adding caviar to the surface of the foods that have to be served hot, should be done immediately before serving them.

If this is not possible, it is best to serve the caviar in a separate container.

In this case, you can decorate the area around the dish with parsley, shallots, white onions, sour cream and other ingredients.

The consumer or guest should be allowed to add the appropriate seasoning to the caviar according to their taste.

It is recommended to choose the appropriate spoon and fork, and put it in the ice when the pure caviar is in the crystal or porcelain dishes and is placed in the crushed ice.

Tip: Eating several pure Caviar without seasoning at the same time is fun and enjoyable.

Due to the note that Caviar does not need any kinds of cooking, for using it to decorate a hot food, it is better to use a layer of a sour cream first.

Use it all!

Caviar comes in small packages, which means you have to eat it at one meal. Keeping the rest of the caviar will change its taste and make it rotten.

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beluga caviar

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