How to store and consume saffron

Ways of storing and consuming Persian saffron:

Saffron should be placed in a cool, dry place so that its quality remains the same over time.

Some people buy dried saffron and put it in the refrigerator or freezer after packing, which is wrong and reduces the quality of the saffron.

Do not store saffron in plastic containers, preferably keep them in metal or glass containers to increase its shelf life.

The lid of the container should be completely closed in order not to let air and moisture get in.

If you only want to use ground saffron, you have to sift it well before any action so that only the saffron remain.

To use ground saffron, if you have purchased not dried saffron, first dry it in the oven or on a flame.

The ideal time is 5 to 8 minutes, drying it more that 5 to 8 minutes may burn it.

After drying, you can grind it, grinding can be done with any tool, but it is better to use wooden tools.

After grinding the saffron, you can brew it such that pour some boiling water over the ground saffron and put it on the gas flame.

You can even pour it in a tea maker, wait a while for its color to appear well.

When it has released its color to the water well, you should let a few millimeters of water evaporate on the same flame.

This will cause the saffron last longer.

Then, you can remove it from the flame, cool it down and freeze it.

By freezing, you can use saffron with the same quality for a longer period of time (about a month).

There is another way that is better than brewing saffron.

You can brew saffron with ice. To do so, put two ice cubes in saffron powder.

And put it on the samovar for indirect flame. By doing so, as the ice is melting gradually, the saffron color will also join the melted ice.

When transporting saffron, make sure that the saffron is not crushed because if it is crushed, its value will decrease.

Before consuming frozen saffron, take it out of the freezer and defrost it.

You can keep brewed saffron in the refrigerator for two weeks in a glass container with a closed lid, but after that it loses its color, aroma and properties.

In order to store saffron in the refrigerator, it is better to brew it first and freeze it after brewing.

The best way to store it is to keep the dried saffron in its original package, or if you want to brew it, you can first sift it,  grind it, brew it and then freeze it. Use gradually.

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How to store and consume saffron

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