Identify the original saffron

One of the interesting ways to detect original saffron is to add baking soda to the water and stir it. Then, add some saffron to that solution.

If the saffron is original, the combination of water and baking soda will turn into yellow. But if it is fake, it will turn into faded red.

Take some saffron on the stove and on the city gas flame (methane), if the color of the saffron changes to purple or orange that saffron is the original and if it turns into yellow, it means it’s fake.

to identify Original saffron know that carpels do not shine.

Sometimes in the preparation of counterfeit saffron, carpel of other plants, including corn, are dyed and sold instead of the original saffron.

The carpel of these two plants is similar to saffron, and the difference is that the saffron carpels are curvy.

Try to prepare fresh saffron which belong to the same year, because considering saffron difference storing methods which are sometimes unscientific, saffron may lose its aroma (flavoring), taste and color. Further, its medicinal effects will lessen.

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Identify the original saffron

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