Important points of buying caviar

These are some tips of buying original caviar:

  • One of the Important points of buying caviar is that Caviar packaging must have a seal, mentioned type of caviar, exact weight, country of origin, valid brand and date of production and expiration.
  • It is recommended to know the types of caviar before buying
  • Always check the taste and color of caviar before buying.
  • Don’t trust the quality and authenticity of cheap caviar
  • Do not confuse sturgeon spawn with other types of fish spawns
  • Check out the tests and methods for determining the originality of caviar from the link
  • High quality caviar must have hygienic and laboratory characteristics,certificates and valid licenses.

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buying caviar


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The nutritional value of caviar

The nutritional value of caviar

Nutritional value per 100 grams of caviar:   Compounds   Per 100 grams   Compounds   Per 100 grams Calories 264 kcal carbohydrate 4 g

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Caviar has always been considered as a luxurious and nutritious food. Apart from the numerous benefits of caviar on physical health and its effect on

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The history of caviar

Herdotus refers to history of caviar in the Caspian Sea in his writings on the ancient world. Chinese people entered the industry in the 10th