Important points when shopping saffron

In general, knowing the product and its features will help us avoid future problems. Important points when shopping saffron are very important.

Saffron packaging should be completely scientific and hygienic and there should be no air intrusion into it so that its aroma does not come out.

Packaging should include type of saffron, the exact weight, the production and expiration date and the brand name.

High quality saffron must have valid saffron health and laboratory certificates to ensure quality.

It is important to know the types of saffron before buying it.

Try tests to identify original saffron.

 Don’t trust the quality of cheap saffron.

Always check the taste, aroma and color of saffron before shopping.

If you want to buy highest quality Persian saffron with lab certifications with best price just order saffron online from all over the world.

Important points when shopping saffron


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