Nutrition value of Saffron



Nutrition value of Saffron:

IngredientsNutrition valuePercentage of RDA
Energy310 k cal15.5 %
Carbohydrate65.37 g50 %
Cholesterol0 mg0 %
Protein11.43 g21 %
Total fat5.85 g29 %
Fiber3.9 g10 %
Folates93 micro g23 %
Vitamin A530 IU18 %
Vitamin C80.8 mg135 %
Niacin1.46 mg9 %
Pyridoxine1.010 mg77 %
Riboflavin0.267 mg20 %
Sodium148 mg10 %
Potassium1724 mg37 %
Calcium111 mg11 %
Copper0.328 mg37 %
Iron11.10 mg139 %
Magnesium264 mg66 %
Manganese28.408 mg1235 %
Phosphorus252 mg36 %
Selenium5.6 micro g10 %
Zinc1.09 mg10 %


Important properties of saffron:

  1. Anti-depressant
  2. Promoting libido
  3. Stomach tonic or GI disease
  4. Improves cardiovascular function
  5. Skin rejuvenator
  6. Exhilarating
  7. Hypnotic
  8. Hypotension
  9. Fetch period



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