Original and counterfeit caviar


It is very common these days to see large packages of caviar on the supermarket counter and when we ask for the price, it’s much cheaper than the real price.Anonymous companies that want to make a name for themselves prepare and pack fake caviar and sell it instead of the original caviar.

Counterfeit caviar:

Counterfeit caviar are usually sold in larger packages than regular caviar package, which have a colorful designs and usually have Latin, Russian or Turkish texts on them.

Apart from poor quality and unsanitary packaging, the quality of caviar spawns is one of the most important and grossest differences between original and counterfeit caviar.

Non-genuine caviar. are usually made of paraffin and not only have no nutritional value but are extremely harmful to the body.

These spawns do not have a natural black color and therefore give color to any surface.

The taste of these fake caviar is also different from the original caviar.

The spawns are firmer and hollower and also have no elasticity, and their taste is nothing like the original caviar.

These products are very harmful to health and are packaged in unsanitary and unscientific ways.

It is best to visit and buy caviar from reputable sites and stores in this field.

The original caviar is black, gray or gold that these colors are related to the variety of fishes.

But original caviar usually does not have a clear color and its seeds are round and have a certain size.

Original caviar packaging specifications:

it is important to pay attention to the following points in terms of packaging:

Production and expiration date, lead seal, place of caviar production, packaging design and shape, caviar type. to learn points of buying caviar click on this link

Another difference between genuine and counterfeit caviar is that the counterfeit caviar has a smooth and round surface, is too shiny and has a dark black color and it is sticky, but the original caviar is slightly oval in shape and does not stick.

To see differences between Persian caviar and other countries click on this link

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original and fake caviar

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