Poisoning with substandard caviar

Over using and Poisoning with Caviar:

Caviar itself does not cause poisoning unless the storing and use tips are followed, or counterfeit caviar is used, which is harmful to health.

poisoning with substandard caviar is not common but remember some tips:

  • Sometimes avaricious companies combine spawns of other fishes with black color and paraffin to look like the original caviar and sell it in substandard packaging and weird brands around the world.
  • These counterfeit caviar are harmful to health and the artificial added colors are harmful to the body and can be the source of botulism.
  • Sometimes the way of catching fishes and their habitat and feeding is wrong that can combine fish meat and spawns with mercury, which is one of the heavy metals and is harmful to health.
  • Sometimes the method of storing caviar is wrong, for example, it is kept in a hot environment, or an expired or unsealed caviar is used.

These can cause digestive problems.

  • Avoid eating caviar that has a bitter taste because it may have made mistakes in the catching and maintaining process and caused the caviar to spoil.

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substandard caviar

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