Sargol Saffron 10 gr

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Sargol saffron

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Sargol Saffron 10 g

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Saffron is one of the maximum beneficial and luxurious spices that is used to taste a spread of saffron foods and cakes.

Sargol saffron is extra common than other kinds of saffron and its coloring power is ready to 210 to 260 devices.

super effort is dedicated to split the white part (root) of Sargol plant saffron to increase its look, first-rate and coloring electricity. Sargol saffron protected best the pinnacle crimson components of stigma the yellow and orange components are not used.

Sargol saffron is more appropriate for domestic use and cooking than different styles of saffron as it has affordable fee and extra acceptable coloring.

The purity ratio of this sort of saffron is very excessive and it is more high-priced than Poushal saffron and much less costly than Negin saffron.

in the method of setting apart the stigma from the root, a few stigmas may be crushed and damaged and it can include some white components.

The distinction within the satisfactory of saffron lies in the amount of white factors and the broken stigmas it consists of.

Saffron is useful for the preserving health. It prevents most cancers, improves breathing disorder, improves despair, neurological diseases, strengthens reminiscence, treats anemia and is powerful in heart disorder.

In some shops, Sargol saffron is sold at a higher fee and on the equal price as Negin saffron. To discover the distinction between sargol and negin saffron, talk to the subsequent link……..

Sargol saffron is suggested for cooking and home use.

For reading about nutrition value of saffron study ….
overview and examine our merchandise, location your orders and make a relaxed charge, after which follow your purchasing with our support, and get it brought within the next one or two weeks with the aid of express air mail.

Saffron is introduced with unfastened packaging and transport, so that you can revel in its first-class, color and aroma.

All products on this web page have valid international and laboratory certifications . in case you are sad with the quality of the goods, your cash may be refunded.

Amitis website online has the first-rate fee and great of products because it grants its goods without delay from the farm to all elements of the sector.

The way to shop saffron? And how to keep it

Saffron need to be stored in a dry, dark, cool area away from mild and moisture.

If it’s far uncovered to sun mild, its coloration will fade progressively.

The nice manner to keep saffron is in steel and glass boxes.

If it is placed in plastic boxes or outdoors, its flavor and aroma will lessen over time.

 care should be in order not o harm it. consequently, it’s miles higher to carry it in a box.

it’s far better to dry the clean saffron first after which use it.

To experience a higher aroma, grind and sift it after which brew it.
Sargol saffron
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Additional information

Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions12 × 5 × 16 cm

Sargol Saffron


Premium quality




Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
Suitable for cooking as spice
Suitable for aroma, taste and color


Amitis and other

Storage instructions

Keep in cool and dry and dark place

Taste and Aroma

Warm, Earthy and healthy

Shelf life

among 3-4 years

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  1. Nelly

    Beautiful packaging and perfect taste

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