Super Negin Saffron 250 gr

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Super Negin saffron

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Super Negin Saffron 250 gram

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Specifications and details of Super Negin saffron 250 gram:

 Negin Saffron is one of the most useful and precious spices which is a food coloring and flavoring.

Super Negin saffron is the most luxurious and expensive types of saffron that has a coloring power of between 230 and 270 units.

In the recent years, due to the time-consuming and to buy process of Negin Saffron production, its production has declined.

In preparing this type of saffron, three strings (thick red stigmas) are separated from other strings from the existing strings and a pile of saffron is prepared.

The beauty of the saffron stigmas and their collection make quality and price of this product higher than other types.

Negin saffron is actually referred to hand-picked, undamaged stigmas of saffron.

Negin saffron is generally referred to as saffron normally has the…

following characteristics:

  • Straight
  • No white color
  • Uniformed stigmas.
  • Thick and undamaged
  • Saffron can boost memory, treat heart disease, improve and
  • prevent cancer, treat anemia and heal asthma, etc.

Some stores sell Sargol saffron under the name of Negin saffron at a higher price.

In order to learn more about the differences between Sargol and Super Negin saffron, please refer to ……………. .

This type of saffron is excellent in quality and ideal to buy for export and present for your beloved

Negin saffron
Negin saffron

Specifications and details of Sargol saffron:

Saffron is one of the most useful and expensive spices which is used to flavor a variety of foods and desserts.

Sargol saffron is more common than other types of saffron and its coloring power is about to 210 to 260 units.

Great effort is devoted to separate the white part (root) of Sargol saffron to increase its appearance, quality and coloring power.

Sargol saffron included only the top red parts of stigma the yellow and orange parts are not used.

Sargol saffron is more suitable for home use and cooking than other types of saffron because it has reasonable price and more desirable coloring.

The purity ratio of this type of saffron is very high and it is more expensive than Poushal saffron and less expensive than Negin saffron.

In the process of separating the stigma from the root, some stigmas may be crushed and broken and it may include some white parts.

The difference in the quality of saffron lies in the amount of white elements and the broken stigmas it contains.

Saffron is useful for the maintaining health.

It prevents cancer, improves respiratory disease, improves depression, neurological diseases, strengthens memory, treats anemia and is effective in heart disease.

In some stores, Sargol saffron is sold at a higher price and at the same price as Negin saffron.

To find out the difference between original from non-original saffron, refer to the following link……..

Sargol saffron is recommended for cooking and home use.

Sargol Saffron
Sargol Saffron
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Additional information

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions21 × 9 × 18 cm

Negin Saffron


Premium quality




Amitis and others

Storage instructions

Store in cool and dry place


Suitable for vegans, suitable for vegetarians, healthy

Taste and aroma

Warm and earthy and healthy

Shelf life

3-4 years

Basic preparation

Not need

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  1. MAX Roobin

    Perfect and and good Aroma

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