Recognizing original from non-original saffron

The value of saffron From ancient times has been known and to this day they have been able to maintain the global trade of this valuable substance.

The exact purity of saffron and the details of saffron ingredients in the laboratory are precisely determined; However, due to the high cost of this product and the high number of additives and many frauds in this field, it is necessary to know a few methods to distinguish the original from the counterfeit one.

  • It is important to know the appearance of saffron.
  • The tops of saffron carpel are trumpet-shaped at the top and narrower at the bottom, and the color of saffron is bold red.
  • Understanding the aroma and taste of saffron is essential.
  • Distinguished saffron always has a sweet aroma and not a sweet taste.

If you feel a sweet taste by placing one of the saffron strands on your tongue, this is a fake saffron.

Sometimes some people dip saffron in honey and sugar to increase their weight.

Saffron basically tastes a little bitter and sometimes it may not have a special taste.

  • To determine the quality of saffron, pour a little saffron into the cold water.

After a while you will notice that the color of the water changes, after removing the saffron carpels from the water, you will see that if the saffron is original, the color of the carpel does not change that much.

But in counterfeit saffron, after removing the carpels from the water, you will see that the color of the saffron has completely disappeared and has completely faded.

Original saffron loses its color slowly compared to the non-original one.

So, if saffron loses color quickly, there is no doubt that chemical dyes have been added to it.

  • The color of the original saffron in the water is yellow to orange and red, and of course it is clear that having too much red in the water is not a good sign.

It is important to buy fresh Persian saffron.

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original from non-original saffron

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