Saffron and cooking

In the distant past, saffron was used in cooking due to its special aroma, taste, color and flavor. In addition to using saffron as a flavoring in food, they used its essential oil in perfumes and fragrances. Saffron is also used in the pharmaceutical industry.
In recent years, due to the tendency of people to use natural additives instead of chemicals, the consumption of saffron has increased.

Today, several companies and food factories use saffron in the preparation of all kinds of margarine, hot dog and the production of cake powders and desserts.
Saffron is a natural and healthy coloring and flavoring in some drinks, ice cream, chocolate, candy, cookies, etc.

Saffron is an essential part of some chicken soups and seafood recipes. In many cultures, saffron is considered a valuable spice.

  • Indian and Arabian people are the largest consumers of saffron.
    The Arabs use saffron in a variety of foods, as well as special teas and Arabic coffees.
  • Arabica coffee should contain cardamom and saffron.
  • The Indians have a food called Biryani, which contains saffron.
  • Risotto saffron rice is famous in northern Italy and Switzerland.
  • In Germany and the United Kingdom, saffron is used to make cakes.
  • In Spain, a food called Paella is made from saffron.
  • In Iran, saffron is used in the preparation of ice cream, desserts, saffron rice and all kinds of saffron flavored chicken.

coocking with saffron

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