Saffron and the beauty of the skin

Saffron is known as the king of spices or the red gold.

Its continuous consumption has many benefits for body health and body and beauty .

saffron is also used in industry because of its aroma and color and etc.

among the major industries, are the perfume and the cosmetics industry, which have extensive use of saffron.

in this article AMITIS wants to explain Saffron and skin benefits.

Saffron and the beauty of the skin

Among the countless benefits of saffron for the body, which is expressed in the part     , we take a look at the benefits of saffron for skin and hair and beauty in general in this article.

This spice is rich in vitamin A, folic acid and vitamin C, which make your skin and hair healthy and youthful.

Saffron is used in the production of moisturizing creams, exfoliators and face masks, which is useful for removing freckles and pimples and rejuvenating the skin.

A- Saffron benefits for skin and hair:


1- Saffron brightens the skin:

Due to its high level of antioxidants, saffron helps to remove dark spots on the body and makes it brighter.


2- Saffron eliminates acne and pimples:

Due to its antibacterial properties,we use saffron to prevent and treat pimples and acne.


3- Saffron and skin and sunburn:

To see the miracle of saffron, you can apply a combination of saffron and high-fat milk to the sunburned areas of your skin.


4- Saffron and hair loss treatment:

Saffron contains large amounts of antioxidants and nutrients that strengthen the hair follicles and prevent hair loss and bleaching.

B- Saffron and skin and different masks:

  1. Saffron hair mask:

Milk and saffron is the best combination for hair and body.

Combine some saffron powder and milk and apply on the scalp and hair and leave it to rest for 30 mins then wash it with water and shampoo to realize its radiance and beauty.

  1. Saffron and aloe vera mask:

If you have oily skin, you can use aloe vera and saffron masks regularly and daily.

Take saffron and dissolve it in milk and add two tablespoons of aloe vera to it and mix it together then apply it on your face to dry then wash it off with cold water.

  1. Saffron and milk masks for pimples and acne:

Combine 3 to 4 strands of saffron with a quarter cup of milk and let it stay for 2 hours, then apply this mixture on your face and neck with a cotton ball and wash off after 10 minutes.

Saffron and milk masks for pimples and acne:

  1. Saffron masks for cleansing and removing skin darkening:

Dip three or four strands of saffron in one or two teaspoons of water and give it time to soak in water overnight; after about 12 hours, the water turns golden, then add milk and sugar and a few drops of coconut or olive oil then rub it on your face with a piece of bread.

Don’t worry about the stuck piece of breads on your face because they can easily be washed.

After 15 minutes, rinse with water to make your skin radiant, shiny and clear.

Saffron and the beauty of the skin

  1. Honey and saffron masks:

Mix 2 to 3 strands of saffron with a teaspoon of honey and apply on your face and after 15 minutes wash with lukewarm water.

Honey and saffron masks

. olive oil masks:

Combine 3 to 4 strands of saffron with a teaspoon of olive or coconut or almond or sesame oil and rub it on your face in a circular motion.

This mask improves blood circulatory and its fatty acids will be absorbed by the skin, which is useful for skin rejuvenation.

If you want to see the miracle of saffron on your skin you can order Negin or Sargol all over the world with express delivery and best price.

Saffron and the beauty of the skin

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