Saffron price in 2020 and 2021

Affecting factors on Saffron price in 2020 and 2021 :

Supply and demand rate – saffron abroad export situation – saffron shopping time – customs price tariffs – currency fluctuations

  • Due to the presence of many intermediaries and brokers on the way of getting high quality saffron from the farm.
  • and giving it to the buyer and also the presence of factors such as supply and demand and currency prices, your purchase will be very cheaper and more economical by buying saffron directly from the farmer and sending it directly to all countries.
  • At the beginning of each year, due to the high demand of countries for buying saffron and as a result of increscent the saffron export range.the price of saffron rises slightly. During the Corona virus, prices fell due to declining exports and imports.
  • Another factor in the quality of saffron is the international laboratory certificates, which you can request from the seller if you wish.
  • Another factor influencing the price of saffron is the bulk purchase of saffron.
  • If  you buy the product  in kilograms and in bulk, a special discount will be included, so your profit from the purchase will be higher.
  • Another important point is the customs tariffs of the destination country for saffron, which it can play an important role in determining its final price.
  • Super Negin saffron is priced higher than regular Negin and Negin is more expensive than Sargol.
  • The price of the high quality Super Negin saffron is around $1200 to $1050 per kilograms.
  • The price is Sargol saffron is about $1050 to $ 900 per kilograms.
  • The cost of customs and taxes and transportation may also be added.

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saffron price

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