Saffron tea
Saffron tea is one of the most luxurious and beautiful drinks of parties, which in addition to having prestige and beauty, has many benefits for the body, such as anti-depressant benefits and improving cardiovascular function.
Black tea has a cold nature, but when combined with warm nature saffron, it will be very useful and balanced.If you want to use saffron with green tea, it should be better to consult something with cold nature, because both green one and saffron are warm natured.Don’t overdo it with saffron tea, as too much of it can cause jaundice, dizziness, and kidney and liver damages.

 ingredients for 2 cups

Black tea: 1 tbsp

Powdered or full saffron: 2 grams

Water: 2 cups

Rosewater: 1 teaspoon

Cardamom and honey: if wanted, as needed

Recipe of Saffron tea:

 To make Saffron tea, Boil the water and add black tea, saffron and rosewater, then wait for 10 minutes.

now your delicious tea is ready, you can drink it with honey, date or sugarplum.

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2 replies on “Saffron tea”

I am working in a cafe shop and I advise my boss to add this recipe to his menu and after 2 weeks it became awesome. Now we sell about 9 cups in a day from your recipe
thanks for everything

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