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Amitis specializes in preparing the best and freshest organic saffron from the most fertile regions of Iran and delivering it directly to all parts of the world. The harvested saffron is free of additives and dyes and is cultivated in the same year, which is shipped to customers in retail or wholesale with a unique taste and aroma.
The variety of saffron including Super Negin and Sargol supplied by Amitis, have international quality assurance certificates such as ISO as well as laboratory certificates and hygienic packaging that can be used for personal or wholesale use.
You can have it anywhere in the world by express mail. You can use the following link to for retail shopping.
For the wholesale order of saffron, contact our colleagues on this page, send us your inquiries and get your desired saffron with the lowest price and the highest quality packed or loose and sell it with your own brand in your country.
In some online stores, saffron is offered at a higher and unrealistic price but in this site the price is reasonable and its quality is guaranteed as we supply saffron directly from the farm. If you are not happy with your shopping, your money will be refunded.
Due to the high price of the product, some online stores supply low quality saffron, which not only lacks the benefits of saffron, but also may be unhealthy.

Saffron with the generic name of Crocus Sativus [ saffron commonly known as Crocus Sativus ] has many uses. For example, it is used as a dye to color food, essence and medicine.
Saffron is a small plant as high as 10-30 centimeters and lives for several years whose stigma and three strains are very popular.
From ancient times, the name and brand of Iranian saffron has always been famous. Due to their special climates, the northeastern and eastern regions of Iran are the main regions of growing of saffron.
There are different types of saffron, such as Super Negin and Special Sargol. Negin saffron has high coloring power, a pleasant aroma and has a very wonderful appearance. In Sargol saffron, the white parts are separated and red saffron is obtained, which is completely red. The aroma of saffron is called Saffronal is caused by the presence of an essential oil, which is soluble in water and alcohol. Saffron is rich in Carotenoid that is the origin of its color and includes ingredients that strengthen the stomach.
Saffron is effective as anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, hypnotic, pain relief, antioxidant, cancer prevention and lowering blood sugar, but excessive consumption of saffron can cause jaundice and miscarriage.

Negin Sffron

Negin saffron has no white parts. It should have 3 stigma threads which are separate and should not be broken.

Indeed, in this type of saffron the three stigmas which look red are removed and are completely separated from the root and orange parts.

Actually the unbroken stigmas with appealing appearance are called Negin saffron and is very popular around the world and of course it is the most expensive type of saffron.

Sargol saffron

Sargol is referred to the end of saffron string which is pure and red.  

Depending on its quality, Sargol saffron may release different coloring grade and the best coloring grade is 270. In preparing Sargol saffron, the white parts of saffron strings and the root of saffron are cut, as much as possible. Sargol saffron has good quality and high coloring power and due to its reasonable price, is ideal for cooking and home use. Sargol saffron has different grades, but due to the potential existence of white parts, it is less expensive than Negin saffron.

Nutrition value per 100 g
Ingredients Notion value
Energy 310 k cal
Carbohydrate 65.37 g
Protein 11.43 g
Fat 5.85 g
Cholesterol 0 mg
Vitamin C 80.8 mg
Calcium 111 mg
Copper 0.325 mg
Vitamin A 530 IU

How to store and consume saffron:
Saffron should be stored in a dry, dark, cool place away from light and moisture especially after grinding.
If it is exposed to sun light, its color will fade gradually.
The best way to store saffron is in metal and glass containers. If it is placed in plastic containers or open air, its taste and aroma will lessen over time.
While carrying saffron, care should be in order not to damage it. Hence, it is better to carry it in a box.
It is better to dry the fresh saffron first and then use it.
To experience a better aroma, grind and sift it and then brew it. Grinding saffron helps release the color and aroma. After grinding, add saffron to the boiling water and leave it for 15-20 minutes so that it is dissolved in water.