Shole Zard


How to make best Shole Zard (saffron pudding)

Preparation time: 1 hour

Cooking time: 2 hours

Ingredients for 4 persons:

Rice:1 cup

Water:6 cups

Sugar: 2 cups

Sliced almonds: 1/4 cups

Butter: 50 grams

Drew powdered saffron: 1/2 cup

Rosewater: 1/2 cup

Powdered cardamom: 1/4 teaspoon

cinnamon and almond and pistachio slices: as needed

Recipe of saffron pudding:

It is better to use Iranian saffron and rice to prepare Shole Zard (saffron pudding).

Soak the rice from a night before and put it on the heat until it is completely cooked and soft.

After one hour add sugar, butter, saffron to it let it be on the light heat for 2 hours.

Once you see that the concentration is enough, you can add rosewater and cardamom to it, after 5 minutes remove Shole Zard from the heat and at the end you can add pre soaked sliced almond to it.


Add sugar when rice was completely cooked.

In the final stages, depending on whether the amount of water is sufficient or not, you can add water to it or let the water evaporate.

If you want to eat saffron pudding as a dessert, it would be better to serve it cold.

To cook a large amount of Shole Zard, sugar should be twice as much as rice, and water five times as much as rice.

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