"Tah chin" rice with Saffron and Chicken

Ingredients for 6 persons

Rice:5 cups

Egg white: 1

Rosewater: 1 tbsp

Strained and a bit sour yogurt: 1 cup

Half of a boiled chicken breast

Butter: 3 tbsp

Egg yolk: 3 eggs

Medium sized onion: 1

Sliced almonds and pistachios

Cinnamon and barberry

Salt and pepper: as needed

Recipe of rice with Saffron and Chicken:

To cook “Tah chin” rice with Saffron and Chicken To cook the chicken, chop the onion into rings and fry in oil.

Then add some turmeric and cinnamon and put the chicken on a low heat with a little water and salt to cook slowly (The less water you add, the better the taste you get).

After cooking, separate the chicken from the water and slice it and fry it with a little oil.

Soak five cups of rice in water for a few hours.

Pour some water into the pot and put it on the heat to boil, then add salt and rice, to have a better rice, add some cold water or ice while boiling and then drain it.

Beat the eggs in a bowl, then add the yogurt and saffron and mix, then add rose water and melted butter then add the rice to it.

Take a Teflon pot and grease it with some oil.

Pour half of the rice and eggs mixture into the bottom of the pot and squeeze with a spoon.

Add the chicken with cinnamon, barberry, sliced pistachios and almonds, then add the rest of the mixture and squeeze with a spoon.

Place the pot on a low heat for 40 minutes until completely cooked, then serve it in a suitable dish.

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