Persian Caviar VS sundry caviar


In market we see many caviar packages that are not Persian or original (sundry).

The original caviar of Iran and the Caspian Sea is the best, the highest quality and the most reliable caviar, which has been famous in the world for a long time. to see difference between original caviar and fake click on link

In second place is Russian caviar, followed by Azerbaijanis, which is less trusted due to the existence of counterfeit caviar.

Iran can grow all the famous caviar in the world.

Iran’s shores are home to a variety of sturgeon, including Huso Huso which produces the Beluga and Almas caviar.

Many countries buy Iranian caviar in bulk and at a lower price, and after shipping it to their home country, they pack it and sell it in retail under their own name and brand, and at a higher price.


Persian Caviar
Persian Caviar

The difference between Persian caviar and other countries’s:

These are some differences between Persian Caviar VS sundry caviar:

  • The quality of Iranian caviar is much higher, so that it ranks first among countries, in terms of quality.
  • The final price of Iranian caviar is less than its foreign similar product because the product is sent directly from the place of fishing to the destination country and there is no broker or intermediary between the buyer and the seller.
  • Because of cheap labor in Iran, the final price of packaging and shipping to other countries is lower than other countries.
  • Iranian caviar has all the laboratory and international certificates of health and quality assurance, such as Code unique and CITES. to see these certificates click on link

In some recent years, a special type of caviar in 100 grams glassy packaging, which is kept out of the refrigerator, and usually has inscriptions in Russian or Turkish on it.

sellers of this product introduce it to buyers as Azerbaijani or Russian caviar a, are found on the shelves of stores in our country.

It should be noted that these are not original and not only are not useful for health, but they also do not have the properties and benefits of original caviar and are very harmful to health.

In the technology and method of making this counterfeit caviar, the herring (salmon) fish spawns are made into a paste, and after adding gelatin, paraffin and dark colors and achieving the wished consistency, it is made into round balls by the method and technique of making capsules.

This product loses its appearance and becomes its original gelatinous liquid form as soon as is exposed to heat.

The appearance of fake caviar is heterogeneous and multifaceted.

They are black and Its seeds are black and crimson and without any shine. and without any shine.

They have a special paraffin and chemical taste with an intolerable salinity.


original caviar VS sundry
original caviar VS sundry

The appearance of the original Iranian caviar

Usually, this caviar is marketed in 50, 125 and 250 g packages with a security band roll, paper, thread and a suitable seal.

Original Iranian caviar must be transported and stored in the refrigerator with an ice pack and Styrofoam. ( How can we transport caviar packages )

All of the caviar spawns are homogeneous and uniform in shape and are spherical or elliptical.

It has Nutty flavor with a pleasant salty taste without any other extra flavor.

When you place each caviar spawn between two fingers, it explodes with a certain amount of pressure and a light white liquid comes out of it.

Original culture caviar has a special and unique smell.

Its color is usually between light and dark gray with a range of olive or gold tone with a dazzling glow.

Regarding the identification of counterfeit caviar from natural caviar, it should be said that if boiling water is poured on natural caviar, it will harden, but if it is poured on artificial caviar, it becomes jelly-like.

Original caviar detection method

The appearance of caviar.

 Caviar color.

 Caviar packaging.

 The way of inserting product specifications.

 The difference between the price of original and counterfeit caviar.

counterfeit caviar spawns have a clear black color, while the original caviar has a slightly grayish and opaque color.

The spawns of the original caviar are usually oval and are not sticky.

But counterfeit caviar has a smooth and round surface and are sticky and viscous.

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Retail or Bulk

Persian Caviar

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