the price of caviar in 2020 and 2021

effective factors in caviar prices:

 Caviar prices in 2020 and 2021 are Annually, usually increased by some, which is more or less a normal thing. In general, the price range of caviar depends on factors such as type and quality of caviar, country of origin, size of caviar spawns, having health certificates of goods, customs tariff, amount of supply and demand, fish type.


  • Iran has the highest quality caviar and the highest production volume caviar in the world which are fish-farmed in the Caspian Sea or they are directly and naturally fished from the Caspian Sea.
  • The type and the quality of the product is also important, for example the Beluga caviar which has been hand-picked to be more than 3 mm is more expensive than the others that has to have the “Cites” and health and “Code unique” certificates.

Also the most expensive caviar is the Almas Caviar Which has fishing restrictions and limitless.

Contact us for Almas caviar the price.

  • Usually in the first half of the year, a series of qualitative and price differences occur in caviar species, which arises from the amount of supply and demand and the amount of caviar caught.

In this company, every effort is made to eliminate or minimize this price and quality difference so that you do not have any problems in providing the caviar you need.

  • The amount of purchase also affects the price.

you can get a discount and have a valuable and economical purchase caviar in bulk purchases.

  • When buying any health-oriented product, including caviar, pay attention to its quality and health, expiration date and identity card.


Price range of large Imperial Beluga caviar per kilograms: 1400 to 1600 Euros

Price range of smaller Imperial Beluga caviar per kilograms: 1150 to 1450 euros

Contact us for information about the Almas caviar prices.

Click on the link below to buy safely and directly from caviar fishing. All caviar offered are fresh, sealed, have a Code unique, fish ID card, caviar CITES certificate and international licenses to ensure quality and health.

In case of dissatisfaction, the money will be refunded.

the price of caviar

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