Types of saffron

There are different types of saffron that are classified according to what parts of saffron plant is used in it.

The difference between different species of saffron is the amount of using the red and the yellow part of saffron plant in it.

types of saffron

  1. First type of saffron; Pushal saffron (straw saffron):

It is saffron stigma (the red part) containing 1 to 3 mm of saffron style (the yellow part).

It has more stigma than bunch saffron (Dasteh), so it has better coloring.

Its coloring power will be about 170 to 250 units. This product is unlikely to be counterfeit.

  1. Bunch saffron (Dasteh):

This is the main and the basic type of saffron that is obtained by clustering and drying the complete strands (containing stigma and style) of saffron.

The style’s size is usually3 to 5 mm, which varies depending on the quality of the saffron.

By picking a large number of saffron and connecting them to each other, it becomes like a bunch, which is known as bunch saffron.

This is a low grade (4) saffron and its coloring power is between 120 and 150 units.

  1. Sargol saffron (top of the flower):

Sargol saffron is actually what is often referred to as saffron in people’s mind.

In this type of saffron, the style (the yellow part) is removed and the red stigmas are separated and form pure saffron.

Sargol saffron is more common than other types of saffron and is usually used for personal and culinary purposes.

It also has a high coloring power of 210 to 260 units.

  1. Negin saffron:

It is a special type of Pushal saffron which there are 3 red branches without yellow parts and by this way a beautiful saffron is obtained.

Due to the time-consuming and costly preparation process it is usually the rarest and the most glorious type of saffron and its coloring power is between 230 and 270 units


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types of saffron

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